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Ice barriers are necessary in Utah to prevent water and ice from building up during the winter. These go over the seams where the roof connects, and can often be damaged or torn. A metal flashing sits over the seat, ensuring the best protection. A roof inspection can help to determine if there is any damage to the covering or the metal flashing, as well as how much repairs would cost.

  • Vents and exterior ducting: Many people are unaware that the areas around outdoor vents and ductwork can cause problems if they aren’t properly sealed. In addition to letting in unwanted moisture, they could also be affecting the temperature of your home. Hot or cold air, depending on the season, could be escaping through these openings. During our free inspection, we examine all the vents and ducts to ensure that they are properly sealed and installed.
  • Gutters and Overhangs: Gutters and overhangs are often in need of repairs, mainly due to the intense weather that Utah experiences. One winter can give your gutters quite the beating. It’s important that your gutters hang correctly—if they are too low or too high, it could result in water damage to the roof or house.

Another common issue we find with gutters is that the original roof installer hung the shingles too far over the gutter, meaning water and debris doesn’t make it into the gutter, and fall off the side. This can cause damage to the side of your house, so it’s important to trim those back.

Don’t hesitate to contact Legacy Roofing for a free roof inspection. Our experts will make sure all aspects of your roof are working together and nothing is damaged. It’s better to have peace of mind than to wait until the damage gets worse. Initial damage is often completely invisible and without interference, could be a costly oversight.

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